Dear Faith Community,

Wow, what a Christmas Eve service; the music and singing was incredible, John and Susan were spectacular, the readers were clear and articulate and the church was absolutely beautiful! I think what was most remarkable was the people who came! The church was brimming with people and their was an over flowing of people standing in the aisles. I think I observed a crowd that were looking to find a deeper sense of Christmas beyond the biggest gift, the most expensive, the most up to date technology. I saw families all together with adorable little ones and many college age students that were home for the Holiday’s having fun and joining with friends,neighbors and family at MCC singing together with joy in their hearts!

We have so much to be grateful for and that is what I saw on most peoples faces. This year in particular their is much concern for all who live in this country and in this world but for this night we did what is the most powerful thing we can do as humans, we stood together for all that is kind and good in our tiny little church in Meriden, NH bursting with the expression of love for all!!

Merry Christmas and Peace Be With You!
Rev. Robyn Carpenter
Susan Pullen

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