From your Missions Committee:

More than 72 floor, table and desk lamps were collected on the weekend of January 20th to 22nd for Syrian and Iraqi refugee families coming to our NH/VT area. (Thanks to many of you, MCC collected about one of every six of those lamps. A small sample of the collection is shown above.)

Two Syrian families, with a total of nine members, were successfully relocated to Rutland, VT, on Thursday afternoon, January 19th, 2017. But, the recent Executive Order has stopped over 90 additional refugees who were slated to arrive in Rutland in 2017. Too often, when elation gives way, then fear and frustration can rush in.

But other “lights” are shining locally to dispel that fear and frustration. Our Church’s Visioning efforts are looking beyond the individual levels of aid and support our missions activities have historically given to the hungry, the infirm and the refugee among us. Our Vision is evolving and we are being asked to see the Gospel imperative as demanding that we also address the “why” folks go hungry, the “why” sickness and disease are often rooted in socio-economic circumstances, and the “why” political powers “game” innocent refugees fleeing conflict and violence. Our Visioning will soon merge together the service and the witness for justice aspects of our Church’s life.

Missions urges you to shine your bright Gospel lights where all can see them.

Ed Cousineau for Missions

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