Music in Worship



Believing that we are charged to act on God’s mission, we seek to become the Creator’s hands and heart in this world.  We strive to be God’s welcoming love in an all-encompassing community, believing that from our own privilege comes much responsibility.  We support and encourage each other along our journeys of faith and life.

Bell Choir

We seek to trust in the uniqueness and diversity of God’s people, believing Grace is infinite and offered freely to all.  Trusting that the paths of faithfulness are many, we invite, welcome, and embrace all people of God’s kin-dom.  We strive to love and support each other in our differentness, as we meet God’s family face to face.


We are purposeful in our search for God and God’s wisdom for us.  As progressive seekers on a lifelong spiritual journey, we find more grace in the questions than in dogmatic answers, more faith in our search than in human-conceived answers.  We encourage open questioning as we strive to educate children, youth, and adults.  We embrace the Bible as the stories of the faith journeys of the ancient Hebrews and the early Christians,  as we affirm our conviction that “God is still speaking!”  We believe that our lifelong journeys are as varied as the ways of learning, and that our walk together strengthens our relationship with God, each other, and our world.