Spiritual Nurturing Opportunities

In addition to our Sunday celebration services, we offer the following regularly scheduled opportunities for spiritual nurturing: Spiritual Companions, Adult Education, Men’s Spirituality Group, Book Study, Prayer of the Heart, and Pastoral Ponderings.

Spiritual Companions: An Invitation to Individual and Small Group Spiritual Companionship

“How is it with your Soul?” How often in our days do we pleasantly greet one another with a casual, “How are you?”  These caring exchanges help to weave together the very fabric of our lives.  And, yet, how often, after these brief greetings are exchanged, do we find ourselves longing to share, to truly share, what is going on in our lives and, perhaps, even in our souls?

As people of faith, seeking an ever deepening relationship with our God, ourselves and one another, we have many opportunities to companion one another on our spiritual journeys. . .ways to listen, encourage and simply be present to each other as we explore, discern and grow in our faith.  Taking a brief moment to ask one another the question, “How is it with your soul?”  is a simple, yet significant, way we can show our spiritual care and encouragement for one another.  

Spiritual Direction or, perhaps more aptly put, Spiritual Companionship, is another intentional way to honor our relationship with our God and to discern how this relationship creates, challenges and renews our relationships with ourselves and others in our lives.  Spiritual Companionship may be experienced either in a one to one relationship or in a small group setting.  

Our Co-pastors would love to meet with you as an individual, couple or family to offer Spiritual Companionship as your explore and deepen your relationship with God and with others with whom you share your lives.  Companionship sessions could be scheduled on an occasional or ongoing basis and are available at any time. Additionally, our church has men’s and women’s Spiritual Companions Groups meeting monthly (that have periodic openings).   If you are interested in either individual or group Spiritual Companionship, please contact Susan or John.  We would feel blessed to companion you on your journey of faith.

Prayer of the Heart

Prayer of the Heart, Our Contemplative Prayer Group, invites you to join us for Silence and Sharing.

Are you seeking some stillness in your days? Do you long for a deeper personal relationship with God? Have you wondered how your faith can guide more deeply your life?  Would you value the companionship of other spiritual seekers?

If these or similar spiritual questions resonate in your soul, you are warmly invited to join in a contemplative prayer group here at our church that will covenant this year to support one another through regular gatherings for prayer, silence and sharing.  Whether we discern to meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly will depend on the interest of the group and the movement of the Spirit! If you are interested in being part of this (and/or in learning more), please contact Susan Gregory-Davis (copastors@meridenucc.org or 469-3235).